Personal Statement

Mike’s work is an evocative act of communication.

His paintings exist in realms of half remembered states.  Glimpses of self linger dreamlike; fragmented and puzzling.

These curious parallel worlds are seeped in dark and light reflections with complex layers of narrative.  The shadow present in his paintings are ultimately infused with hope and illuminate the eternal possibility of choice.  Images have an uncanny, mercurial quality and in their intention to capture some fleeting moment they become simultaneously an echo of what has passed and a promise of what is to come.  They are stories of transition.

Mike evidently has an ability for draughtsmanship along with a desire to play with the boundaries of paint.  Loose foundations of tone and colour give way to more formalised structures later.  The initial ghostlike traces sit next to thicker impasto brushstrokes and painterly crudeness alongside fine detail.

Playing with the idea that life and artistic creation are unfinished inevitably the painting process begins to mirror and give from to the experience of memory, imagination and being alive



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